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“Naturopathic medicine features doctors who listen”

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary healthcare that uses natural methods and substances to support and stimulate the body’s self healing process. It provides a complete, individual and coordinated approach to healthcare integrating modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Naturopathic medicine is an early American philosophy for natural health that is taught today as a four-year residential medical education.

It is important to distinguish licensed naturopathic physicians from non-licensed practitioners who have completed only short-term course work, mostly by correspondence. Another popular trend are medical doctors who take a weekend seminar and then think they are more natural in their treatments. Naturopathic medicine’s philosophy of treatment is different than that of mainstream American healthcare.

Naturopathy is a traditional medical art that works with the vital force, using nature’s laws and forces to achieve the adaptive balance we call health. Naturopathic practice does not include the primary use of most synthetic drugs and major surgery; although naturopathic physicians refer patients to specialists if necessary, of course. Complementary medicine (blending traditional medicine with that of a naturopathic philosophy and treatment) allows the healing journey to be more encompassing and effective. The naturopathic view sees the whole person in relationship to external and internal environments. Wellness can be achieved through the stimulation and support of the inherent healing abilities in all living bodies.

Since naturopathic doctors are often trained in many disciplines, their treatments, including homeopathy and acupuncture, can be varied and diverse. Naturopathy can be good for symptoms that are incurable through conventional medicine. Without the use of drugs or surgery, naturopathy aims to treat conditions such as recurrent infections, arthritis, asthma, skin problems, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression, among others.

For more information, we offer a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Veronica Hayduk to discuss how naturopathic medicine can best serve you and your needs.

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