Naturopathic Treatments

After a thorough assessment, each treatment is tailored especially for each patient. The printed blueprint (a comprehensive detailed report of what was discussed at the first visit as well as tips and suggestions that Dr. Hayduk mentioned. A valuable resource to help you incorporate all of the healing power of nature into your life) may be sent to you after your first appointment.

The blueprint is a unique approach to naturopathic medicine and exclusive to the practice of Dr. Veronica Hayduk!

Treatments are centered around clinical nutrition & supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies (including, the very popular and amazing ‘Biotherapeutic Drainage System’) flower essences, detoxification programs, counseling, lifestyle modification, hydrotherapy and some oriental medicine, including acupressure/auricular acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Also, Dr. Hayduk has a network of highly qualified professional referrals for your optimal healing if necessary.

A complimentary phone consult with Dr. Hayduk would be ideal for you. Call now to find out how natural medicine can help improve your health!

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