Brain Injuries Heal Faster With Natural Medicine

There is no drug for a traumatic brain injury at any stage of healing.

Why not give the brain all it needs to help heal as fast and completely as possible? There are lots of ideas and treatment approaches available that the neurologists don’t talk about. Naturopathic medicine can be of assistance at any stage of brain injury. Just waiting around to heal is not good enough…..

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Vitamin D is vital this time of year

With the dark winter months quickly approaching and the dreary weather too, we can no longer get enough vitamin D from the sun (as if we could do a good job in the summer...) Vitamin D is essential not only for bone health but for our mood too. A real helper to beat...

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Let’s Keep the Good Habits Going

How's it going on those resolutions? Hanging in there or given up? Guess what, every morning you wake up is a new day and another new start. If feeling overwhelmed? Get some help! Hire the personal trainer for a few sessions, the money will be well spent. Have the...

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