We receive many letters and e-mail praising Dr. Hayduk’s ability to harness the healing power of nature and have it work for her patients’ best health. We would like to thank all of our patients for their kind and supportive comments about themselves, their friends and their family members. Any patients wishing to submit testimonials on their health, please call .

I just wanted to let you know that my skin has been getting better each day! I’ve been following our plan to the tee. My neck and arms still get itchy from time to time, but overall, everything is just going so great right now. I have to say, my face feels the best it has ever been – I was looking at pictures when I was on steroids and there is such a difference (it used to be so red and flakey)! I used to have to always keep moisturizer with me and apply it so many times throughout the day. Now, my face is just so smooth and the complexion is so much more even without the constant need to apply lotion.

I am able to sleep through the night with the help of only one Benadryl (I am slowly trying to ween myself off). I have so much energy through the day and I don’t need coffee at all (I used to be an avid coffee-drinker)!

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all that you’ve done for me – helping me come up with a health “blueprint” to help with my terrible eczema, helping me obtain leave from work while I was at my worst… you just really helped me get my life back. I know I am so much healthier now and I feel it. Thank you for that.

-Hannah G., Frederick, MD

“Dr. Hayduk spent a lot of quality time with me. We poured over my blood test results and then made a plan that worked to correct my hormone deficiencies. Very appreciated.”

– Susan G.

I love seeing Dr. Hayduk! Her attention to detail is amazing and I felt at ease right away with her, super friendly. Her office staff is also fantastic. She’s not just one of many doctors at a center, it’s just her. Her office is not just a lot of MD’s who think they know about natural medicine. Dr. Hayduk has been in practice a long time and her methods work and work well. Don’t get duped into a big fancy center like I did. Just go see Dr. Hayduk. If she needs to send you for a more traditional approach to your health concerns, she will.

D. James, Rockville, MD

I adore Dr. Hayduk! I’ve seen other naturoapathic doctors and so called holistic doctors with no real relief.No one spent more time with me than Dr. Hayduk. She clearly explained what she suspected was going on with me. Went line by line through my lab work and was very detailed in her treatment plan.I followed her plan exactly and my numerous health complaints slowly disappeared. She is easy to talk with, humorous, very kind and caring. She did not pressure me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. Her office staff are also pleasant and helpful. It’s so hard to find a doctor that listens and cares about patients. Dr. Hayduk is the best at this!

Jennifer G. -Silver Spring, MD.

Dear Dr. Hayduk, After thirty plus years of spending thousands of dollars on doctors and medication trying to heal my dermatitis with no results, you are a God -send. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a difference you have made in my life. I can now shake hands without fear of people thinking they might catch it. My feet are also completely cured. The blisters, peeling, bleeding, itching and oozing all gone and in such a short time. You really know your stuff! If only I had known of naturopathic medicine before wasting so much time and money. Thank you again and again.

PL – Rockville, MD

Dr. Hayduk has been helping me to heal for three months and the results have been life changing. I have been suffering with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic digestive disease for 15 years. For those 15 years, I have been taking some very serious prescription medications, including prednisone and imuran. Around my 40th birthday in June 2010, I was not doing well. I had been on my third high dose of prednisone and was convinced that I was headed back to the hospital. I decided that I would go see Dr. Hayduk at Second Nature Health. The first session with Dr. Hayduk was intense. It included a full health history review, current supplement/medication review and the development of a health plan. In three weeks, she had eliminated all symptoms of the disease for me. Three weeks and I could tolerate foods and everything else returned to normal. Three weeks. In three months, she helped me to heal so much that I was able to stop taking my Prednisone after being on it for FIFTEEN years. I feel so much better. I have done more real healing in three months than I had the in the previous 15 years. How is this possible? Dr. Hayduk knows how to help one’s body heal itself. Yes that’s right. The human body has the power to heal itself… it just needs some help doing it. I highly recommend Dr. Hayduk.

Ed. C – Gaithersburg, MD

(I was) initially diagnosed with hypothyroidism by an out-of-state clinic, I started searching for someone more local who could help me with my thyroid as well as infertility. With much prayer and by following Dr. Veronica’s advice and suggestions to help with these things, my husband and I are now excitedly expecting our first child! I am also very grateful for her encouraging words and quick responses to my questions. She always seems ready to help, even though she has other patients to help and a life of her own to enjoy. It’s comforting to have someone like her to refer to since traditional doctors are not as accessible to their patients.

Stephanie W. – Jefferson, MD

I just wanted to thank-you, Dr. Hayduk for all of your support and compassion in helping my son with his type 2 diabetes. As you remember, we began seeing you when he was injecting 50 units of insulin each day yet his A1C levels were never below 8, he was tired all the time, depressed and his doctors were concerned about his high cholesterol levels and blood pressure. With your help and humor, I can’t believe that M. is off all of his insulin, not taking any diabetes medication and his A1C levels have been less than 7 for over a year now. He has so much energy and positive outlook on life. We don’t have to fear any more blood tests because his cholesterol levels are very well maintained with the supplements you recommended and his high blood pressure is also within range (even at the doctor’s office!) M. doesn’t mind the changes and even likes taking the supplements you recommend, they are very tasty. The products you carry far surpass any of supplements that I could ever purchase on a retail level (I tried to find similar supplements and was always disappointed in the results. You really do get what you pay for). Thank-you again, Dr. Hayduk for treating my son as if he were your own. Your knowledge of medicine and ability to explain it is clearly exceptional. My desire is to let everyone know how you have helped M. and that naturopathic medicine isn’t concerned ‘alternative’ anymore, but adjunctive to anyone’s health care treatment. Our American healthcare system needs more doctors like you!

A. Echols – Waldorf, MD

You made me feel more comfortable and confident in how to go about dealing with my situation.

L. Williams – Germantown, MD

I am positively overwhelmed by the successful and compassionate treatment I received from Dr. Hayduk. I had been formally diagnosed by leading dermatologists at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with cystic acne and pitiryasis alba. I have tried topical ointments, steroid shots, facial peels, spa facials, medicated soaps and shampoos, salves, ice, and hot water compresses, all to no avail. In a single but thorough office visit, Dr. Veronica prescribed a natural vegetable supplement and homemade natural salve as treatments for my skin conditions as seen below during a painful cystic acne outbreak in March 2007. Within 3 days my face cleared! The painful, swollen red cysts simply went away. It is now October 2007 and I continue to take the natural vegetable supplement daily and use her homemade salve twice daily. While I do experience an acne outbreak from time to time, at any one time the greatest number of pimples I have is three. They are not swollen, they are not red and most importantly they are not painful. I am no longer uncomfortable, embarrassed or disappointed. Based on the effectiveness of Dr. Hayduk’s recommended treatment, her compassion and patience in treating me and my skin conditions in a holistic manner I enthusiastically recommend her to my friends, family and acquaintances.”

M. Sheow – Upper Marlboro, MD

“Dr. Hayduk, from my perspective, can best be described as a caring and very knowledgeable ‘partner with your health’. The missing links with traditional physicians today are 1) they have no time for your questions both during an appointment and it’s certainly impossible to reach them after an appointment with any questions and most of us have questions ‘after’ the appointment and 2) traditional physicians typically do not acknowledge the positive impact that holistic and natural healing can play on any health concern. I started seeing Dr. Hayduk after hitting a brick wall for months with my traditional specialist trying to solve an issue with mild colitis. I did not want to take traditional medication to get rid of the symptoms as I felt that was merely a bandaid and not addressing the root of the problem. I then saw a nutritionist who was somewhat helpful but had no time for follow up questions after you met with her. Dr. Hayduk is the best of all worlds. She is very honest and compassionate and takes her time with you. She embodies a wealth of knowledge from both natural medicine, nutrition as well as having a degree of experience with traditional medicine, so she understands how all things work together. With Dr. Hayduk, there are no more excuses for my not doing my part to make myself healthier because she is right there by my side helping me by doing her part to maintain my health and then all that is left is my doing my part, too. She makes herself very accessible via email for follow up questions and she is very prompt in response. It is a truly empowering feeling to finally feel like I’m on the right healthy path and that there is a physician out there with Dr. Hayduk’s experience with natural healing to help me manage that process by being my partner with my health. I would highly recommend Dr. Hayuk to anyone – even someone who feels they are healthy. Her consultations are information packed and she has the perfect personality for her work – she is very pleasant and humorous which makes the visit all the more enjoyable. I have recommended Dr. Hayduk to all my friends and family and will continue to do so.

Maria G. – Silver Spring, MD

I called to make an appointment with Dr. Hayduk after hearing her give a presentation on how psoriasis can be alleviated by non-prescription methods. She spoke about diet and supplements, which I expected, but I was really impressed by her knowledge of conventional medicine and the latest prescription medications. That gave me an indication that her knowledge wasn’t merely “one-side”, she could look at both sides and council me on the most appropriate treatment. So during the office visit, when Dr. Hayduk started speaking about fish oil as a supplement to rid me of seborrhea, I thought I had her stumped. I was already on fish oil, in fact taking multiple teaspoons (actually tablespoons) a day, and it didn’t work. I couldn’t even digest all that oil. I had sworn no more fish oil. But when she emphasized that over-the-counter fish oil would not have the strength I needed, I began to listen. I started taking the fish oil I received from her office, just taking 2 teaspoons a day, and my seborrhea cleared. Plus I experienced the added bonus of absolutely no monthly periods cramps. Now my monthly periods begin as a surprise to me– I no longer have to use a calendar to pinpoint my cycle so that I can reschedule my life during that time. I’m very glad for that first visit with Dr. Hayduk. She has become my doctor.

A. Anderson – Alexandria, VA

Dr. Veronica, I just want to take a moment to thank you for all you have done for my mother. We consulted you for the sores in her mouth that were diagnosed precancerous by her oral surgeon. Her prior treatment for this and her other ailments had been all traditional and were not working very well, and she was failing slowly in many ways. Because of your holistic treatment plan, not only is her mouth much better, but her whole immune system seems to have kicked back in and many of her chronic problems are much improved as well. But more than this, her attitude toward life is more hopeful and she has gone from “giving up” to getting involved in life gain. The change is remarkable and our family is very grateful to you. You are one of a rare breed of healthcare givers – one who cares deeply for her patients and I think this is such an important element in the healing process, especially for elderly patients like my mother. Your rates are reasonable (and have turned out to be worth every penny and more!), and I have been so impressed with the lengths you will go to ensure good care for your patients. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking a good healthcare provider. Thank you again for everything.

D.L. Abbott, RN – Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Hayduk, I just wanted to let you know that I definitely feel more clear-headed since starting the (homeopathic) regime. Everyday I see a little more improvement. My anxiety and depression are starting to lift! My memory is less hazy and my body also feels lighter. Thanks for all of your help so far. I’ve got to admit it’s getting better and much quicker than I could have imagined… and I’m so looking forward to taking my next healing step.

Adam F. – Washington, DC

Dear Dr. Hayduk, as you remember I was a mess. 34 years old with fibroids and they wanted to give me a hysterectomy! There was no other treatment option given to help control the pain and heavy menstrual flow. Through a co-worker that you helped, I met and worked with you and followed a program that we decided on together. The informaion was very helpful and simple to follow, you are so easy to talk to and gave me lots of ides to help shrink my fibroids. After an amazing 6 weeks, my fibroids shrunk (one disappeared completely), my painful periods finally went away and my menstrual flow has even decreased. I’m no longer anemic from it. I highly recommend Dr. Veronica Hayduk to anyone and thank her in my prayers every day for helping me get my life back without surgery!” I am a living miracle, ‘thank-you’ isn’t big enough to show how I feel about you and naturopathic medicine.

A. Dunnifield – Hyattsville, MD

Dr. Hayduk is the best! I no longer feel tired after using the bathroom, instead I feel a burst of energy and clarity. The quality of my sleep seems better and I appear to be more focused and am able to recall data quicker. Getting thru the day isn’t a chore or ordeal I have to psyche myself up for, Life isn’t perfect and I don’t think perfection is realistic but I feel balanced and harmonious like never before. I don’t feel the tedium and my vigor and passion for life has returned. I feel refreshed and renewed. I am so pleased. I wanted this for so long and thought I had achieved as much as I could, I realize now I should’ve made contact with you sooner. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough but here I go – THANK YOU for giving me my life back and helping me find my inner joy. And for doing it with love and kindness.” With heartfelt thanks,

Melissa G.- Sterling, VA

I can’t say enough how wonderful it is to have found a naturopathic doctor who is also well acquainted with traditional medicine. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Dr. Hayduk is very personable, knowledgeable and a wonderful doctor.

K. Dickens – Gaithersburg, MD

I have been doing really well and wanted to thank you so much for all the help, advice and assistance you gave me while I was under your care. I pass the info along as much as I can and all your advice and suggestions helped greatly. I have referred several people to you, I don’t know whether they contacted you or not, but I always speak highly of you and highly recommend you to everyone. Please post this on your testimonial (section of your web site) and use my full name! Thanks again Dr. Hayduk for all that you do. You can do what other medical doctors fail to do – heal.

T. Addison – Gaithersburg, MD

Dear Dr. Hayduk, What a fantastic office visit!!! I e-mailed Kelly’s teacher and told her it was even better than I anticipated!! Just like Kelly’s teacher, one of your greatest gifts is that you are a very genuine person who really cares about people and individuals like Kelly!! …you don’t know how much it means to me to find a doctor who is a “great person”- truly humble. Thank you so much for that! It is so much more motivating to patients than some people I’ve met who talk down to patients and expect them to go cold turkey on everything. I really like how you put it that you are a health coach and we are partners. That makes so much sense!! That is what I’ve been looking for! I can’t wait until my appointment!! Thank-you again.

Patty K. – Inwood, WVA

Treating a thyroid disorder is so confusing. Most endocrinologists are so busy and uncaring, they never seem to want to spend even five minutes explaining test results or what to do about my hypothyroidism and how I feel. All the doctors want to do is put me on medications and increase it if I don’t improve. It was impossible to loose weight, I was tired all the time, didn’t want to do anything… and then I met Dr. Veronica. She was so understanding, took much of her time to explain what the test results meant and how using natural supplements could (and DID!) help my thyroid function better. In a few visits, I was feeling like myself again. I had more energy, was sleeping better and even lost a few pounds, although I’d like to loose a few more. She gave me the education on how to treat myself and my own concerns. I wanted to write this letter so other people would know that they have nothing to loose and everything to gain by seeing a naturopathic physician like Dr. Hayduk. I send all my friends to her now.

Anne Marie S. – Rockville, MD

“Dear Dr. Hayduk: Yeah, you were right about my food allergies! I didn’t want to think that I could be allergic to my favorite foods, but you were right and at first I was very upset about this. My migraine headaches were poorly managed with pharmaceutical medication and I was popping pills like they were candy with little relief from the unrelenting pain. After your encouragement and confidence, I was brave enough to avoid all dairy foods for at least one week. Honestly, it was really rough for me as I eat cheese everyday, but I did it. Unbelievable! My family was amazed at my increased energy levels and best of all, my chronic headaches became less severe very quickly. Even my knee pain started to diminish. Who would have guessed that cheese caused all of this! The food allergy blood test confirmed my dairy allergy and a few other trigger foods. I have avoided them for 6 months now and the last few months have been magical. No more pills, no more missed work, no more time spent crying in agony in my bed as I heard my family playing without me as I was in too much pain to be with them. We can now travel together again without my fear of a migraine headache to ruin the good time. Truthfully, I would have paid you my house to feel this great naturally and to know that these headaches are gone forever, provided I can stay away from cheese (truthfully, soy cheese is actually quite tasty!). I really can’t thank-you enough for finding the cause of my headaches, encouraging and supporting me in my process to make some life changes and mostly, for giving me my freedom and health back. Dr. Hayduk, you are in my prayers daily so you can continue to show others the cause of their health woes and help them like you have helped me. Thank-you very much for all of your help and support!”

Catherine B. – Bethesda, MD

You have single handedly accomplished what no other dermatologist has been able to do. It took 25 years, it was well worth the wait. Thank-you again, Dr. Veronica

Melissa S. – Bladensburg, MD

I haven’t felt this great in over three years! The process to get here was easier than I thought. Thank you Dr. Veronica!

Sandy S. – Mechanicsville, VA

Dr. Hayduk spent so much time with us regarding health history, interpreting lab results, and making dietary recommendations that worked with our lifestyle….She is truly a caring doctor and wants optimum health for each person that she meets…..She is an expert at meeting you, “where you’re at.”  She will work with you to find solutions that make sense for you and your family–no judgment at all.  She is the best, and we are all so grateful for her help!

Deb H.

Dr. Hayduk is a fantastic physician.  My initial appointment with her began with the two of us sitting at a table together and speaking.  I had never experienced this during any doctor’s appointment….ever.   She devoted well over an hour to speaking with me, listening to me and making recommendations for improving my health.

It was an amazing feeling to speak with my doctor for more than a mere 15 minutes only to be ever-so-subtly escorted out the door.  Dr. Hayduk is an extremely intelligent physician who possesses a remarkable and unique level of compassion.  I trust Dr. Hayduk’s  judgment and am very thankful to be under her care.

Kathleen H.

I’m a kidney transplant survivor. It goes without saying my health is to be monitored, especially whenever introducing new or different supplements to my regiment of immune suppressant Rx meds for interactions. I am followed periodically by a professional Nephrology team at a major hospital, however, Dr Hayduk is who I turn to for diet and supplement advice. She knows me well, even pre-transplant. It was Dr Hayduk and her recommended supplements that was instrumental in getting my body prepared for that grueling surgery.  It’s been four years and I’m 100 percent healthy. I order my vitamins and supplements from Dr Hayduk’s office each and every month. The customer service handled mostly by Paris (the office director) is also first class. I view the good doctor and her awesome assistant as friends. I highly recommend Dr. Hayduk.

K. Williams

I’m so honored to be a patient of Dr Veronica Hayduk. Her knowledge is awesome and her kind and caring mannerisms are just what a patient needs. She has been so tremendously helpful in working with me in my quest to defeat cancer. I highly recommended her.

S. Simon (from Yelp)

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