Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor in Bethesda, MD

When you’re looking for relief from chronic symptoms, natural medicine can help. Our office can help you recover from illness and feel better more quickly. Second Nature Health in Bethesda, Maryland, is passionate about using naturopathic medicine when working with every patient. 

Our Approach Towards Thyroid CareThe american association of naturopathic physicians

Your thyroid is an essential part of your body. This gland has a butterfly shape, and it sits in the front of your neck along your windpipe. You can’t feel your thyroid gland unless it becomes enlarged. The main job of your thyroid is to release hormones that regulate growth and metabolism. If your gland isn’t working properly, it can release either too much hormone or too little. Autoimmune diseases, iron deficiency, or certain medical treatments can cause thyroid issues. Some symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, or digestive difficulties. 

A Naturopathic Doctor Can Help  

We believe in treating more than just the symptoms of thyroid problems. At Second Nature Heath, we first meet with you and talk about your medical history and current lifestyle. Nutrition, genetics, and environmental factors all contribute to your thyroid health. It’s important that we create a plan that is right for you. 

We Provide Naturopathic Thyroid Care in Bethesda, MD

We proudly offer naturopathic thyroid care in Bethesda and the surrounding areas. Bethesda has a rich, colonial history with many fascinating landmarks and monuments. Historical sites such as the B&O Railroad, and the Clara Barton National Historic Site are popular attractions for tourists. Over 55,000 residents enjoy the nearby parks every day as well as Downtown Bethesda shopping centers. The city is also home to the Congressional Country Club and the Bethesda Big Train baseball team.

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If you’re struggling with thyroid problems, call Second Nature Health for a consultation today. Dr. Veronica Hayduk is passionate about using naturopathic remedies to help patients on their health and wellness journeys. We look forward to helping you.

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