Caring for your skin is something we have all been taught to do. At times it is difficult to really know how to do this. Topical care only goes so far, and that is how the majority of the population is taught to care for their skin. What if caring for your skin came more from what you put in your body than how you wash your face? Your skin is the largest measure of detox exhibited by the body. Often your skin showcases what is going on inside of you. Caring for your skin is more than just skin deep, and it’s important to consider your diet and lifestyle habits when caring for your skin.  

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What Is Eczema?

Eczema, which is also known as atopic dermatitis, is a scaly rash made of raised bumps found anywhere on the skin. It often leads to itchy, dry skin which cracks and may become infected. This skin condition is rooted in autoimmunity. The immune system becomes damaged over time and becomes overactive, causing expression through the skin. Eczema is commonly found in children when they begin interacting with new foods. It appears to become worse in the winter and doesn’t seem to ever go away. 

How a Naturopathic Doctor Can Help

Getting to the root cause of your symptoms will help not only alleviate your eczema symptoms but lead your body to optimal wellness. Here at Second Nature Health, LLC, we help teach you how to treat eczema naturally to help calm your overactive immune system. We provide individualized wellness plans that help eliminate toxic foods and pollutants from your life that exacerbate eczema symptoms. The unique thing about naturopathic health is that it doesn’t just provide isolated healing but heals the entire body as a whole.  

We Provide Services in Rockville, MD

A fun fact to note about this beautiful city is that it’s one of Maryland’s oldest towns. It originated during the American Revolutionary period and was known as Hungerford’s Tavern. 

With over 67,000 residents, it’s a part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. Rockville also boasts a thriving and long-standing Chinese community larger which is now larger than Chinatown in nearby DC. We love serving those who live in Rockville and surrounding areas. 

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