Finding a cure requires finding a culprit. Otherwise, you are just floundering around wasting your precious time and money. Basic blood testing, as ordered by your primary care practitioner, can be interpreted with a different lens. Let’s see if there are concerns with your immune function, thyroid health, hormones and more. For certain tests, when you go to the lab is vital for accurate results. Aside from typical blood testing, we can dig deeper on other likely suspects to your chronic health concerns.

A micronutrient test, like Spectracell, can help assess the actual intracellular contents, where your cells need these nutrients, not just what vitamins & minerals made it into your blood. Often times, we need to check hormones via saliva, as this is also often more accurate than blood testing. Those suffering with digestive issues may benefit from a stool sample, but the company chosen matters – a lot! More than one sample should be sent in and collected over a few days, not just one and done. Why check for a handful of micro-organisms, when the culprit could be thousands! Lots of chronic diseases are absolutely from consuming foods and drinks your body does not like – even if it’s regarded as healthy. Testing for environmental allergies is not helpful. Why do this? Do you plan on moving based on those results? How about looking at what you can control entering your body, like a food or drink. There are three main ways our bodies use to detect an issue with a food.

Testing done at the allergist’s office is for an immediate, you are going to die reaction, not a sensitivity. Sensitivities are not life-threatening allergies and as such, the results from the allergist’s office, often show nothing. Testing done at our office is for a delayed response, as it can take up to two days to experience a sensitivity to a food or drink. Results from specialized food testing however may be surprising, as it really could be anything (even an herb or spice) and hard to identify with most diets and food plans. A simple test done at the office can look at hundreds of culprits. An organic acid test is helpful for balancing neurotransmitters.There are also a few new companies looking at certain cancer tumor markers and metabolism via blood testing. We don’t work for insurance companies or a big healthcare system, we work for you. When a test is recommended, it is because the results should have a meaningful impact on your treatment plan. Our goal is to have you at optimal wellness as safely and as quickly as possible.

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