With the dark winter months quickly approaching and the dreary weather too, we can no longer get enough vitamin D from the sun (as if we could do a good job in the summer…)

Vitamin D is essential not only for bone health but for our mood too. A real helper to beat the blues and keep your energy levels up as well.  Also, I’m not allowed to tell you that vitamin D may potentially help your immune system stay strong (ssshhhhh…don’t tell Them you read this here!) 

Be sure to take vitamin D with a meal that has fat (like butter, oils, nuts, seeds, etc.). It won’t absorb well without it. Some people need to take vitamin D with vitamin K together to help absorption of each of these vitamins. Those working on getting their bones healthier should discuss the right form of vitamin K with their health care provider.

Of course be very cautious when taking certain medications with vitamins too.  A naturopathic doctor could help you navigate away from potential interactions between supplements and pharmaceuticals.

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