Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor in Chevy Chase, MD

Do you struggle with chronic fatigue? Taking care of your entire body is essential for good health. There are times when the body doesn’t respond to proper nutrition and rest. Certain remedies only help so much before the body signals that there is an underlying issue. 

Why Your Thyroid Is ImportantThe american association of naturopathic physicians

The thyroid is a major organ that regulates essential functions such as metabolism and growth. This small gland secretes and controls the necessary hormones. When your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, it affects other body systems. Eating properly and getting enough rest is the most important thing you can do for your body. But sometimes, other factors trigger problems with your thyroid. 

Naturally Recover From Thyroid Issues

Any issue with your thyroid is usually referred to as thyroid disease. Thyroid diseases can be caused by genetics, an autoimmune disease, or even iron deficiency. Second Nature Health can help you naturally recover from thyroid problems. Our approach to health care begins with treating the whole person instead of isolating the symptoms. Natural remedies work to promote recovery and to balance the body systems.

We Offer Care To The Residents of Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase is a residential suburb in Montgomery County in Maryland that borders Washington D.C. The residents enjoy popular shopping centers that are within walking distance. A few historical landmarks contribute a quaint charm to the town. Second Nature Health proudly offers naturopathic care in Rockville and the surrounding areas.  

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Are you struggling with inflammation and chronic fatigue? Our naturopathic approach at Second Nature Health can help you recover. Dr. Veronica Hayduk offers individualized, holistic treatment plans that work with your specific health needs. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you. 

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