Naturopathic Thyroid Doctor In Germantown, Maryland

For almost two decades, Dr. Veronica Hayduk, a Naturopathic Thyroid doctor in Maryland, has been helping patients with their thyroid disorders. She doesn’t help her patience by using the common over-the-counter or physician-prescribed medication. She uses safe, non-toxic holistic alternative medicines that can target not just the symptoms, but the total you.

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Many people do not know or understand the importance of the thyroid. In this day and time feeling tired and depressed can be marked up as having no work-life balance. When in fact, knowing what to expect with an unbalanced thyroid is key to finding out the right path to take for a healthier life. Dr. Hayduk is considered to be caring, devoted, and compassionate when it comes to partnering with her patients. She creates individually tailored healthcare plans designed for the total you. 

We Serve Patients in Germantown, MD

We take pride in serving the needs of our patients in Germantown, Olney, Silver Springs, and the surrounding communities, Germantown is the third largest most popular place in Maryland. It plays an important role in Washington DC’s metro area. Located between 25-30 miles outside of the U.S. capital of Washington DC.

Three other Maryland counties with unincorporated communities share the same name. However, Germantown MD is the only one recognized by the United States Postal service.

Despite the size with its population of over 91,249, it has never been incorporated as a town and to date doesn’t have a Mayor or a City Council. 

Did you know that Germantown, MD, is featured in several episodes of the US television series X-files? It is also featured in the popular video game Fallout 3.

Common Questions about Thyroid Disease

What method is used to determine if you have Hyperthyroidism?

Testing the levels in the blood can determine if you have measuring hormones from the thyroid as well as the thyroid itself.

What is Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a condition resulting from decreased production of the thyroid hormone. Some people know Hypothyroidism as an underactive thyroid.

What happens if the thyroid disease goes untreated?

If gone untreated the patient can experience memory loss as well as depression. If gone untreated, symptoms can become more severe over time. If allowed to advance without treatment, this could lead to coma and even death.

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