Eczema Naturopathic Doctor in Bethesda, MD

The largest organ in your body is your skin. It serves a highly important role in detoxification, regulating temperature, and balancing healthy flora that naturally lives on the skin. Living a long and healthy life requires caring for your skin. Without proper care, the skin and the body suffer. If you’re looking for a naturopathic doctor for eczema in the Bethesda, MD area, we can help!    

What is Eczema?

Eczema which is also known as atopic dermatitis is considered an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases develop in the body when the immune system for some reason begins to destroy healthy cells. Due to this overactivity, the immune system creates inflammation throughout the body and skin woes start to show up or worsen.  

Immune system dysfunction that causes eczema occurs for various reasons. Overuse of medications, poor food choices, and environmental toxicity are a few of some of the likely causes to negatively change the gut flora. These changes affect the immune system as the majority of the body’s immunity resides in the gut.  

Both children and adults experience eczema, but children most commonly suffer more from it. Symptoms range in levels of severity with cracked, itchy, and scaly skin patches. This is where alternative medicine can help. Naturopathic medicine focuses on natural remedies to allow the body to heal itself. Using a personalized treatment plan, naturopathic medicine focuses on individual health concerns and issues to help each body heal naturally. If you need to get help in the Rockville, MD, Silver Spring, MD, or Bethesda, MD area, contact us today. 

How A Naturopathic Doctor Can Help?

A naturopathic doctor assists their patients’ best health and well-being through unconventional means. These providers help get to the root cause of their patient’s overactive immune system. Here are some examples of natural ways to relieve eczema and achieve an improved quality of life:

  • Identify Food Triggers- Elimination diets are a great start. When gut flora is so out of balance, foods that wouldn’t normally trigger a flare may now be doing so. However, even ‘healthy’ foods like broccoli and apples can be culprits. Keep good notes.
  • Improve Gut Health -  Eating unprocessed fresh, local and organic whole foods will help develop healthy gut flora and good skin.
  • Start Supporting Immunity At A Young Age- Children’s immune systems benefit from playing outside with other people and animals. This exposes them to different kinds of micro-beasties and lifestyle factors that help them fight serious illnesses and diseases. 
  • Natural Topical Eczema Treatment Options – Ointments containing herbs like comfrey, plantain, and calendula are good for all skin types and ages. These help moisturize eczema naturally. Steroidal creams do not cure eczema and can worsen skin health over time. 
  • Take Supplements –  natural vitamins, minerals and herbs like quercetin and burdock extract may help support your digestive health & immunity which should ultimately lead to better-looking and feeling skin. Most of the American population is vitamin D deficient, amongst many other nutrients. Low vitamin D has been linked to causing and exacerbating eczema in children and adults. 

Unlike traditional medicine, naturopathic doctors combine education from modern science with the natural forms of medicine found in nature. They take into consideration the body as a whole and do not treat it in parts. If you’re in need of an eczema naturopathic doctor in Bethesda, give us a call today at Second Nature Health where we serve all of the Bethesda, Maryland populations. Patient care is our utmost concern. Check out some of our patient health care testimonials here!

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