Eczema Naturopathic Medicine Doctor in Germantown, MD

Eczema is a real struggle for many people. It is uncomfortable and many times can make you self-conscious about the visual aspect of it. At Second Nature Health, Dr. Hayduk is a naturopathic medicine doctor that has some advice to offer to you. If you’re in the Germantown, MD community, look no further and reach out to our office. 

What We Can Do To Help

Are you looking for a natural and holistic approach to eczema? Second Nature Health is a naturopathic medicine healthcare establishment that can help you with these symptoms. Dr. Hyduk is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle that is surrounded by natural approaches.

The gut is the root cause of many different ailments that go on within our bodies. That is why our nutrition and diet are so important to natural health care. Eczema can be caused by environmental sources, topical solutions, and even genes that we carry. Dr. Hyduk will take the needed time to give you a thorough examination and develop the perfect natural approach to relief for you. 

We serve People In Germantown, MD

The city of Germantown, MD, is located within Montgomery County. There is a population of around 95,500 residents. This area experiences great weather, with white winters to enjoy. If you want unique coffee shops and fun dining experiences, you will love this area. 

There is plenty to do and experience, everything from great parks and family-friendly activities. It is always our pleasure to provide our services to the great community of Germantown. 

Let Us Help

To make an appointment and get started on finding relief from your eczema, call Second Nature Health today. Our office is located in Rockville, MD, and we love helping those in the surrounding communities. Contact us today to get more information and to book an appointment. 

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