Warming socks are fantastic for increasing circulation throughout the body. So, when feeling the effects of a cold or flu, try this treatment. For many, it lowers fevers and can break up congestion in the nose and sinuses. This can also be used on chronic conditions to help the immune and circulatory systems; fantastic for after surgeries.  Safe for everyone, even babies!

Begin with:

  • A pair of thin cotton socks
  • A pair of thicker heavier socks, ideally wool

Place the thin cotton socks under cold tap water.

Wring out VERY well and put in the freezer for about 5 minutes before going to bed.

They should be cold, but not frozen stiff.

Remove socks, grab the heavier socks and go sit on your bed.

Put the thin socks on first, then COMPLETELY cover them with the heavier socks.

(don’t panic, it’s only cold for about 30 seconds)

Go to sleep. This is important, don’t do this treatment unless you can at least lie down for a few hours.

When you wake up, remove both pairs of socks. The thin socks should be dry now and you should feel much, much better.  Repeat the next night and then one more night even after you feel better.

If you wake up after many hours and your feet are still wet. You either didn’t wring them out enough, the thin socks weren’t that thin, or your body is very depleted.

If depleted, then let’s find ways to bolster your immune system and strengthen your body.

We wish you a speedy recovery!

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